Popular UAVs These Days

UAVs are the machines that are a new buzz all around the world; this is not because of the latest attack, but because of adventure attached to it. Lots of people have started using UAVs to get fun and enjoyment. And according to the likes and the preference of the people hi-tech and advance UAVs have come on the market. These UAVs is personally used and operated by individuals. Some of these UAVs are:

  • UAV that takes selfieIt will be hard to admit for the few, but soon, the age of selfie sticks will come to an end, the new way of taking selfie is now with drone. This new trend of selfies taking has hit the world like a storm. Now, the selfie drone is available in the market with all new latest and advance features that can redefine the word selfie.
  • With this UAV, that is exclusively designed to take the selfie one does not have to extend their arms to take pictures nor the person will have to remain stuck in one position that is often done with the camera phones. Here in-order to take the selfie all that one has to do is toss the drone in the air, set the angle and let the drone take pictures.This is the new concept of taking selfie which is getting appreciations and likes from all over the world. And if talk about the efficiency of this technology, then there is no other technology of selfie is present which is more captivating.
  • UAV for racingAnother adventure that the UAVs give to the users is real time racing. And this is also a new concept of racing that is getting the likes from people all over the world. The immersionrc is the latest and new technology that has come in. There are two ways of getting a drone for racing first, you build it on your own and second, you buy it online.
  • However, when comes to price, then in both the cases this technology can cut your pocket, because the cost of this drone is somewhere between $200 to $900. Moreover, things need to get replaced in it after an interval of time, to get it work smoothly. There are many other drones present that are being used by the people for gopro filters in Australia, all over the world. And interestingly, people are also experimenting with it, to come up with new ideas and inventions. Taking selfie with drone or using it for racing is part of that.