Learn About The Types And History Of Athletics

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Athletics is actually a number of sports event which includes all kinds of competition such as running, throwing, walking and jumping as well. There are number of types of the athletics and most popular of which are the races of walking, running on the road, track or field and other similar activities. Usually, the winner is the one who finishes the first and reaches the finishing line before others in the racing activities whereas in case of the athletics of jumping or throwing, the winner is identified by the highest height achieved during the throw.

Why are athletics so popular around the world?

One of the common reason is that it is the simplest sport and does not require any kind of heavy or advanced equipment and could be performed easily. Another reason is that most of the time it is individual sports which means that the athletes takes part individually and only one winner is decided, although there are types in which the group performance is required as the rally races in which there are teams of athletes.

History of the athletics:

The common kinds of the athletics in wollongong are one of the oldest and classic ones and were in use in the 2250 BC. The first Olympics was held in the 776 BC in a very old stadium. The athletics events even go back further in history and was practice in the age of the 500 BC as well. The athletics started in the modern era in the 17th century when the Olympic games were introduced in which athletes from all over the world participate and compete each other in all sorts of various athletics activities.

Categories in athletics:

Because of the reason that there are people with different capabilities and abilities and it is fair that people with similar abilities are competed against each other and therefore, the athletics are divided into categories to avoid any kind of the disputes and injustice and give everyone equal opportunity to perform and participate. There are now criteria set for the physical abilities as well as some criteria are also based on the nationality, occupations, memberships.

Men and women category:

This is one of the basic category because it has been seen that men have different abilities than the women and therefore, one gender should compete against the same gender only and this is the reason that men and women have same competition but if there is a race event then at one time only men would be competing and then the other time only women would be competing.


Age is also a contributing factor in assessing someone’s ability either it is physical or mental and therefore, the athletics events participants are divided into age groups and there are various age slabs which are used in different regions to identify the groups.

Special athletes:

In order to give the disable people a chance to participate according to their own strength this is also defined. For more information please visit our website www.chodatfitness.com