The Importance Of Having A Good Conveyor Belt Cleaner

Manufacturing facilities can be messy. There’s always a constant process of cutting, grinding and moving raw materials along the production line, which causes spillage and mess. Whether you are manufacturing shoes, or constructing a building, you are probably using some type of conveyor belt to transport the raw materials. While conveyor belts are designed to let the materials flow off it, there’s always the possibility of some material getting caught under the roller of the conveyor belt. In such cases, the conveyor belt often gets jammed, and could be damaged. While there are conveyor belts that are designed with a non-stick surface and other features that prevent material spillage, you’ll still need good conveyor belt cleaners to help keep the conveyor belt free from dust and other materials. Conveyor belt cleaners can be built, such as scrapers that clean the belt as the production process takes place, or you could clean it with external cleaning systems such as blast cleaning etc.

When choosing the right reliable conveyor belts, you should keep several important factors in mind. Firstly, the material that you are dealing with during the manufacturing process should be taken into consideration. If you are dealing with whole parts, then you might not need to have a scraper installed. However, materials such as wood and metal can stick onto the belt and their dust can accumulate under the rollers, causing the conveyor belt to jam. In such cases, a good scraper can prevent most of the material from entering the belt. Always choose a scraper designed specifically for your conveyor belt as the wrong scraper will damage your machinery and slow down the entire manufacturing process. If you are using an external cleaning system, you should take care to minimize the use of chemicals, as they could damage the machinery as well.

Because conveyor belts are moving for much of the production process, they are most likely to get dirt stuck in hard to reach areas. You should have a cleaning plan that involves a daily maintenance plan as well. This well help identify any possible issues before they damage the conveyor belt. It’s quite difficult to replace a conveyor belt and this process could take up precious production time as well. Nowadays, most blast cleaners use high pressure air and liquid to remove the dirt from the machines without causing and wear and tear. This process is also significantly faster than traditional cleaning processes and could actually be cheaper in the long run. Choosing a good conveyor belt cleaner is essential not only to effectively remove dirt from the machine, but also to prolong its operational lifetime so that you can get the maximum benefit from it.