How Can You Make Your Space Look Expensive?


Are you very passionate about interior design, even though you are not a professional interior designer, so now that it is time for you to build your own home and you have saved up more than enough, you want to create a very luxury looking space and turn all your dreams into a reality? Or are you someone who is getting a home built instead of purchasing it, in hopes of saving some money, but you still like the expensive look so you are looking for affordable options that give the same effect? Whatever the case may be, while some of us love a vintage looking house or while some of us do not really care, the rest of us are extremely passionate about home design and owning a beautiful home and we also love for it to look like we spent a lot of money creating the space, even if we didn’t. So whether your story is similar to the first example and you are ready to spend any amount of money to in turn get a luxurious looking home or if like in example two, you want an expensive look but you are not ready to invest too much, read below to see how you can create an elegant space.

Invest in well-made furniture

Investing in well made, higher quality furniture will add elegance to your space in a way that nothing else can. You can try purchasing velvet or suede cushions and sofas and if you have little kids and fear they may spill something, you can look into easily washable fabrics, but you can purchase them in unique and hard to find colours to add that luxurious look. A bright coloured sofa can look great when placed in a room with darker vinyl flooring Liverpool and the contrast will make it look almost like a photograph!

Think about the flooring

The walls and flooring take up most surface area in any house or apartment, so if you are looking to create a luxe looking space, you must be careful and choose to invest in higher quality flooring options such as right bamboo flooring, as it is quite new and unique as well. But once again, if you have younger children, they will no doubt be spilling their food and drinks on the floor and since bamboo is not supposed to be left wet, you can consider different flooring options such as laminate or vinyl as these can be cleaned easily.When choosing paint, you must choose lighter, creamier colours as these will further add to the elegant and luxurious look of your space as opposed to painting the walls a brighter solid colour.