Which Things Affect The Cost Of Timber Fencing?

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Fencing installation is the best idea to secure your property. In the market, you have a variety of fencing. From the vast options, the best is a timber fence. The reason behind this is it is cost-effective. Moreover, the fencing installation in sydney is easy.

However, everything has its cost. So, several factors can affect the timber fence cost. Excluding the other factors, the timber fence cost is reasonable and best for the protection purpose.

How the cost vary?

The timber fence cost can vary depending on the area you want the fencing installation. Hence, the cost of timber is quite affordable and people select this type for their home. You get different designs and colours in the timber. Moreover, painting and staining can be done as per your need. Before you estimate the timber fence cost, you must keep in mind the following factors.

Factors that affect the cost:

Labour cost:

In different areas, there is different labour cost. If you want to hire labourers for the fencing installation, then the timber fence post falls in the $55 to $110 per meter. However, you must search for the cost in your area.

However, the other thing included in the labour cost is the size of the fencing installation. Hence, before you hire the contractor invite them to visit your place, so they can give the average estimate of all things.

Timber type:

In the market, different varieties of timber are available. Hence, the timber fence cost also depends on the type you purchase. The normal type considered by the people is treated pine. Because this timber fence cost is affordable for all people. Moreover, you do not have to hire a highly skilled professional for fencing installation.

Land condition:

The major factor that can affect the timber fence cost is the land condition. Where you want the fencing installation it must be easy to handle. If the land has a lot of soil or it is rocky, then the labour has to spend more time and effort in fencing installation. In this way, the timber fence cost is increased.

Fence height:

Many people prefer the fencing installation at the normal height. But some people want to increase the height of the fence. So, the installer has to use the scaffolding and safety gadgets. It will surely increase the timber fence cost.

Other services:

In fencing installation, you require many other things including the paint and staining. So, these services have additional charges. If you want other services, then it is obvious that the timber fence cost is increased.


In short, you must have the estimate of timber fence cost in sydney before you start the work. This can help you to save money and get the work complete at the proper time.