How To Deal With Blocked Drains

One of the sickening disasters you do not want to experience is blocked drains and if not taken care properly of your plumbing maintenance. Your drainage system is the most vital system that drains out all the stuff from your house. If by some chance it gets blocked you are in trouble.

There are few hints to know if your drainage system is getting blocked or already blocked such as.

  • Weak Draining:

The main reasons to notice drainage is the slow course of water running down the drain. Once it gets clogged it becomes a chaos in plumbing system forcing everything to back fire.

  • Bad Smell:

When a blockage occurs there will be all sort of nasty stuff mixing up with drained water causing all sorts of bad smell at home. You can easily find the smell from your shower, sink and toilets

  • Weird Sound:

Once your drainage gets blocked you are likely to hear weird noises coming from your sink or your shower which will make it a permanent thing and might confirm your suspicion about a block.

  • Flushing Problems:

You are likely going to see the water level rise in your toilet. That happens because your drainage is blocked and it is reversing the process of drainage system.

  • Drainage Position:

Keeping in mind that if you have a drainage system indoors it will get blocked by materials which are not easy to flush down or if you have an outdoor drainage chances are that debris from fallen leaves or the roots of trees have made their way through it causing the crack on the pipe. It is necessary to call the professional who can deal with something like this.

  • Kitchen:

Your kitchen is the first culprit from where you can find out if a blocked drains Indooroopilly has occurred. This happens due to big pieces of food from left over is going through the sink and blocking the pipes of drains. It must also be noted not to drain away hot grease through sink, it’s better to cool it down a bit.

  • Bathroom:

Your bathroom is your second culprit where a drainage can occur. Forcing materials like toilet paper, tampons, baby wipes and any other heavy material can cause Blocked Drains Indooroopilly.

  • Exterior Drainage:

Your third culprit is your outdoor drainage. If you are using an outdoor drainage system, make it habit of keeping it clean from clogged up stuff that comes from the drainage system and always see if the debris from leaves haven’t made it a mess or if possible try to see if any tree hasn’t clogged up the pipe by growing its roots.

So we have seen how to tackle the problem and if you still have any queries just visit our website at: and we will be available for you 24/7.