Bummed By The Stumps?

Reveal the beauty of your house by clearing trees with very thick leaves and trunks already. Also make your lot and lawn a lot bigger. Plant flowers, ferns and some spices without the hassle of removing the weeds. A stump can make it hard for you to clean your yard. Leave your area spick and span. Stumps should not be neglected just because it can’t fall over someone’s head and break your window. Remnants of the oak tree can still haunt you nonstop. Stumps can ruin your desired landscape and compete with other plants you’re growing. Stumps become infested and damaged as time pass by.If you need any more convincing to have that immovable lank of wood in your space, here are facts about stumps.

Stumps mess with your lawn equipment 
You can’t pick on a stump like it is a flower. It is an obstacle in many ways than one. It could ruin your lawn mower if you are not careful enough. Weeding can also be tough when you have to maneuver around a small tree.  Not to mention the roots can ruin your wheelbarrow. 

Stumps attract pests
Rotten and decaying stumps attract pest and insects. Pests could further destroy your planted vegetables and crops. They could bite little children and cause allergies and red bumps. Don’t wait for them to take over your home, too. While it’s still early, have a stump removal Perth.

Stumps can cause new sprouts to grow
Forgetting you have a stump near your house can give some time for new shoots to appear around it. Aside from the insects you have to deal with, there goes another problem. You’ll have to spray chemicals to terminate them completely. What sucks is that the veggies you could be planting will be affected.  Nutrients that should be distributed to your shrubberies get sucked up by the stumps. 

Stumps can cost your first lawsuit
Stumps are not child-friendly. It could also endanger the life of an unsuspecting senior. You are accountable for a liability when someone sues you for injuries. Better be aware about all the consequences. Even if you’re not the one who planted and cared for the tree, still have the initiative to think of safety first and phone the best tree loppers Perth in town. 

Stumps diminishes the beauty of your garden 
Stumps along with the roots might ruin your garden landscape. Even if it’s just small space for lettuces and radishes, make it look spacious. Stumps can get in a way where weeds and mushrooms can surround. Stumps are not also pleasing to the eyes that much. A stump beside your front porch steps can be disturbing. tree-removal